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Thomas Jones Plans To Return To Chiefs Next Year

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Greg Bishop of the New York Times has an excellent look at Kansas City Chiefs RB Thomas Jones and his time to this point living in Kansas City. Jones of course is coming from New York where he was once again released after a short but very productive stay. He's coming up on 10,000 career yards and, for some reason, it seems he's put in a situation every few years where he has to be released.

Definitely check out the full story but here's the part to remember:

"People here love football," Jones said. "They care about each other. They work hard. This is the kind of place where I’m supposed to be."

Jones, 32, has not ruled out playing another season (or four). He said that his body felt the same on Monday mornings as it did 10 years ago, although he has altered his routine (more massages, more cold tubs, more legendary workouts) this season. Jones has one year remaining on his contract, and he plans to play next season and then evaluate the future.

This tells us two things: 1.) Jones is really enjoying Kansas City and 2.) he'll be back next year if the Chiefs will take him back. Is this a surprise? No, not really. I think most of us figured Jones would play out his contract.

Jones also has a solid order at Jack Stack Barbecue. Check out the full story.

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