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The Annual St. Louis Bashing Thread

That's a cute stadium.
That's a cute stadium.

We've come to the point of the week leading up to the Chief and Rams: the annual St. Louis bashing thread. Naturally, being in the same state, Kansas City and St. Louis have a bit of a sports rivalry. It's not as intense as other city vs. city rivalries but the I-70 series most definitely exists, in both football and baseball. 

Now, you may be wondering: What's with the hate for St. Louis? Well I'll tell you. I went to college there, so I'm not entirely uneducated on what the city is like by the way. After seeing it up close for four years, it is in fact a third world city existing right here in our fair country. It's a bit sad actually but we don't think about that. Half the city looks like a post-WWII bombed out town. The other half is infatuated with suburban life and the crappiest pizza you've ever had in your life. It's like a bad dream.

A nightmare, if you will.

After the jump, we list all the reasons Kansas City is better than St. Louis.

Kansas City > St. Louis

Waldo Pizza > Imo's Pizza

Kansas City, KS > East St. Louis

Any KC BBQ > Shooter's? Bandana's? (a/k/a the myth that is STL BBQ)

Hometown food (BBQ) > ...Toasted ravioli (seriously, toasted ravioli is the claim to fame)

Numbering your streets > Not numbering your streets

20th most dangerous city > most dangerous city

Midwest city > Wanna be east coast city

Winning the '85 Series > Not winning the '85 Series

Arrowhead > "The Ed"

Outdoor football > Indoor football

Garozzo's > Anywhere on The Hill

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