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This Isn't The Chiefs Super Bowl...Or Is it?

After Week 1 of the 2010 season, the Kansas City Chiefs were feeling pretty good about themselves as they had a terrific start to the season beating the San Diego Chargers. The coaches, players and fans in Kansas City were clearly excited about the way the game turned out but Chiefs head coach Todd Haley sent the players a message after the game:

'This isn't our Super Bowl.'

"Coach has put a great emphasis this week so far," Cassel said after that Week 1 game, "since we’ve gotten started here, that this isn’t our Super Bowl – it is one of 16 games."

Here we sit 14 weeks later and, with the playoffs potentially on the line, I think it's important to revisit that question. Haley says the next game is always the biggest of the year. That's been true to this point and it couldn't be truer about this game.

A loss...and the Chiefs don't control their own destiny for the first time this season. This isn't their Super Bowl but it may as well be. The way the Chargers are playing, a loss may end the Chiefs chances in 2010. That's not meant to bring you down. It's just reality.

I understand the point of Haley's words -- don't get too up or too down about one game -- but a loss and there may not be as much to get up for. I'm trying to keep this game in perspective but I keep coming back to that line: 'This isn't our Super Bowl.'

If there was ever a game that is the Chiefs Super Bowl -- at least to this point in the 2010 season -- this is it. A Chiefs victory on Sunday and I'm writing the same story next week. I hope I get that chance.

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