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KC Chiefs Already Have A 'Get-Back Coach'

We mentioned this morning that the league sent out a note to all 32 teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, to designate a "get-back coach" after the tripping incident involving Sal Alosi and the New York Jets. The "get-back coach" is intended to control the sidelines so you don't have coaches forming a wall like Alosi did with the Jets.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley confirmed to reporters on Friday that the Chiefs already have their "get-back coach" -- or "get-back coaches" in their case.

"We always have two, coach (Mike) Clark and coach (Brent) Salazar are always on it. I take great pride in our sideline. They get mad at me, Brent and Mike, because I don’t let them watch the game much and I keep after them because that’s always a chore – keeping everybody back – but as the head coach I take great pride in our sideline."

You'll notice at least once during every game you can see Haley (or one of the "get-back coaches") yelling at players and coaches to stay off the field and on the sideline.

As it is with most NFL stories, this has been completely overblown so barring a "get-back" problem in Kansas City, we won't be mentioning it again.

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