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KC Chiefs Vs. Rams: Analyzing St. Louis' Football Tendencies

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The Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) play their cross state rivals this weekend when they visit Saint Louis.  KC is currently holding a 1 game lead in the AFC West and the Rams (6-7) are battling Seattle for the NFC West crown.

The Ram's rookie quarterback is having a good freshman year with a 60% completion rate thus far and throwing for 17 touchdowns.  Due to Sam Bradford's success the Chiefs can expect Saint Louis to try and take advantage of KC through the air. 

The Kansas City defensive secondary has been attacked 40 times to the deep right (Flowers side) which is 3rd most in the NFL and 32 times to the deep middle which is 2nd in the NFL in attempts.  The bright spot for KC in all of this is that the secondary is only allowing completion percentages of 37% to the deep middle (5th best in NFL) and 32% to the deep right (12th best in NFL).

Every team in the NFL has strengths and weaknesses, tendencies, and go-to guys.  They have plays they like to call during tight situations or directions they like to run when in the middle of the football field.

Let's check out those tendencies.

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Rams Rushing Offense

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 26 Plays: 44 Plays: 39 Plays: 124 Plays: 38 Plays: 55 Plays: 30
NFL Rank: 30 NFL Rank: 17 NFL Rank: 10 NFL Rank: 8 NFL Rank: 12 NFL Rank: 8 NFL Rank: 20
Avg Gain: 5.23 Avg Gain: 4.34 Avg Gain: 4.21 Avg Gain: 2.88 Avg Gain: 2.89 Avg Gain: 4.33 Avg Gain: 7.27
NFL Rank: 17 NFL Rank: 19 NFL Rank: 10 NFL Rank: 31 NFL Rank: 28 NFL Rank: 13 NFL Rank: 2

Rams Rushing Notes:

  • From the graph above we can see that like many teams the Rams have a tendancy to attack the heart of a defense by running the ball directly at the center.  Saint Louis ranks 8th in the NFL in number of rushing attempts toward the center with 124.
  • The rest of the running stats appear average when considering number of attempts except their tendency to run toward their right tackle.  The Rams have rushed 55 times toward the right tackle and rank 8th in number of attempts.
  • Look for the Rams to use the run to set up the passing game.


Ram's Rushing Yards Per Team vs Defensive Rushing Rank 

Week Team D.Rank yds
30th 85
2. Oakland 26th 75
3. Washington
28th 133
4 Seattle
20th 88
5. Detroit
22nd 128
6 San Deigo
4th 117
7. Tampa Bay
27th 161
8. Carolina 25th 62
9. Bye
10. San Francisco
11. Atlanta
12. Denver 31st
13. Arizona
12. New Orleans

  • The Rams have only faced one defense ranked in the top 10 against the run this year.
  • The Rams have rushed for an average of 107.8 yards per game.  The NFL league average is 114.2.

Rams Passing Offense




Plays: 16

NFL Rank: 30th

Avg Gain: 14.5

Plays: 8

NFL Rank: 32nd

Avg Gain:  2.6

Plays: 29

NFL Rank: 21st

Avg Gain: 9.4


Plays: 142

NFL Rank:  6th

Avg Gain: 6.0

Plays: 80

NFL Rank: 12th

Avg Gain: 7.1

Plays: 195

NFL Rank: 2th

Avg Gain: 5.0

Ram Passing Zone Frequency Chart

Rams Passing Notes:

  • The Rams love to pass.  And why not, Sam Bradford has turned out to be a pretty good rookie sensation and will end up a top flight passer in the NFL when it is all said and done.
  • Saint Louis is ranked 6th when throwing the ball short left and 2nd in the NFL in number of attempts when throwing the ball short right.  That tells Chief fans that the Rams like to use the short passing attack as a supplement running game.
  • The knock on Bradford when he came out was whether he could throw the long ball.  Looking at the chart above we can see that Sam and the Rams don't like to throw the ball long all that much...he is ranked at the bottom of the league in number of attempts long.  But one stat that the chart does not show is that Bradford has a completion percentage of 50% when throwing the ball deep left (2nd in NFL).  So even though he doesn't throw it deep a lot...when he does he is usually successful.

Other Interesting Stats:

Red 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 00%



Goal 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 00%
to G



10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 00%


Stats Observations:

  • The one significant stat here is that the Rams have a red zone percentage of 36%.  Considering the fact that the NFL average is 54%...that is not very good.  Saint Louis has problems when in the red zone so much that they are ranked 31st in the NFL.  Due to this fact fans might expect the Rams to be able to move the ball when in the middle of the field but when it comes to scoring in the red zone we can expect the Chiefs to bend but not break. 
  • The NFL average for goal-to-go is 69%.
No. Yds Avg Long TD
RECEIVING 1. Amendola, Danny 68 567 8.3 36 3

2. Gibson, Brandon 44 492 11.2 33 2

3. Clayton, Mark 23 306 13.3 39 2

4. Robinson, Laurent 27 297 11.0 32 1

5. Jackson, Steven 34 288 8.5 49 0

6. Fells, Daniel 31 277 8.9 36 2

7. Alexander, Danario 11 193 17.5 45 1

8. Hoomanawanui, Michael 13 146 11.2 36 3

9. Bajema, Billy 14 145 10.4 26 2

10. Gilyard, Mardy 6 63 10.5 21 0

11. Darby, Kenneth 8 62 7.8 21 1

12. Toston, Keith 1 23 23.0 23 0

13. Onobun, Fendi 2 15 7.5 8 0

14. Karney, Mike 4 10 2.5 4 0

15. Johnson, Darcy 0 0 0.0 0 0

Total 286 2884 10.1 49 17

Opponents 274 3219 11.7 65 18





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