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KC Chiefs Passing Attack Threat Alert: Week 15

If you didn't get to read the Kansas City Chiefs: Passing Attack Threat Alert Formula that was written this past Sunday then check it out.  What we have tried to do is come up with a method that gives a general indication about how dangerous the upcoming teams passing attack as a whole has been over the course of the season.

This week the Kansas City Chiefs Passing Attack Threat Alert has been set at:   GUARDED!

When we look at Saint Louis quarterback Sam Bradford's quarterback rating we find that he has had a mixed season.  Like many rookie stars that come into this league...mistakes from inexperience seeps into even the best of days.

At first blush a fan might think that the Saint Louis Rams don't have that good of a passing attack since Bradford's quarterback rating is only 79.1.  But don't be fooled by the low rating.

Bradford currently has a completion percentage of 60% and has thrown for 17 touchdowns.  The rub, like many freshman quarterbacks, is that Sam has thrown 12 interceptions.

But we don't believe that the quarterback rating is the end all when evaluating a teams overall passing potency.  So we also look at 5+ targets.

When we take a look at the Saint Louis Rams 5+ targets we find that Sam Bradford and the Saint Louis receivers are a pretty potent group.  The Rams 5+ target average per game is 3.61...that's higher than even the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees at 3.58.

Sam Bradford

Passer Rating: 79.1

17 TDs, 12 INTs

What the Rams 5+ average tells us is that Sam Bradford is a high quality quarterback when it comes to distributing the ball around to his receivers.  It also tells us that those receivers that Sam is getting the ball to are good at getting open.  At least enough for Bradford to get them the ball.

So Sam Bradford has a QB rating of 79.1 which puts him on the 2nd level  in the scaled score below.  The 5+ target average is very high at 3.61which puts the Rams on the 4th level in the scaled score.

2+4=6...which is Guarded on the Passing Attack Threat Alert.

One note regarding the Saint Louis Rams:  After looking at Sam Bradford's 5+ target scores it is clear that this is a rising star.  The guy can distribute the football.  If he can just eliminate all those errors that are reflected in his quarterback rating then the Rams threat alert would skyrocket. 

Look for the Chiefs to force some mistakes out of Bradford so he doesn't get comfortable and demonstrate that potential passing potency that is sure to come in the future.






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