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Maybe Jamaal Charles Has Already Been Freed

I've been following with curiosity the "movement" on Twitter this year called Free Jamaal Charles, which in Twitter language is #FreeJamaalCharles. Basically, a bunch of Chiefs fans on Twitter, along with a whole bunch of fantasy football players, who want to see Charles receive more carries for the Chiefs.

The Free Jamaal Charles movement has now made it to ESPN's Around The Horn.

Bomani Jones (@Bomani_Jones), Sirius radio host and Page 2 contributor, credits 610 Sports' Nick Wright with starting it and Jones appeared on the ESPN show (video after the jump) earning some "Face Time" in the game.

He spent his (less than a) minute airtime congratulating Charles on his contract extension and pleaded with Todd Haley to give Charles more carries because he's losing his fantasy football league (and brings up a good point along the way: Just because he's on TV talking sports doesn't mean he's going to win his fantasy football league. Likewise, just because I read and write about football all day, doesn't mean I'm going to make my fantasy football playoffs...because I didn't).

You could almost argue Charles has already been freed. Ignoring the 10-carry effort against San Diego, Charles had 21 (116 yards) and 22 carries (173 yards) in his last two games. There's a small sample size that suggests Charles will get more carries in games that aren't 31-point losses. But, for those two games at least, he was freed. For fantasy football perfection, he could stand to score more touchdowns.

Anyway, check out the video after the jump to see the Chiefs main man Jamaal Charles with some attention on ESPN. I imagine the national spotlight on the Chiefs will rise in the coming weeks as the playoffs get closer.

(Video credit: Hayes Permar on Twitvid)

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