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Matt Cassel Limited In Return To Kansas City Chiefs Practice

We won't hear anything official until Friday at the earliest but it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to play this Sunday with Matt Cassel as their quarterback. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said on Wednesday it truly is a "day-to-day" situation with Cassel and they won't have a definitive answer until later in the week.

For Wednesday, Cassel is officially "limited" in practice.

"I think, medically, there's a number of different isues that come up with a procedure like this but in terms of how I feel, if i can go there and do everything I want to do without any discomfort or without any pain, I'm going to go out there and play," Cassel said Wednesday.

Even if he's hurting, he'd probably play...if the decision were solely up to him. Cassel will make the decision of playing this weekend along with the coaching and medical staff.

He said he can't put a percentage on how much he'll play (if at all) but it would appear that the Chiefs are preparing for the possibility that he'll be out there.

Now that we know he's involved in at least some practice, the next key day becomes Friday when the Chiefs will declare his status.

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