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Chiefs May Go 8-0 At Home, But What About The Road?

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The Kansas City Chiefs have played 13 games to this point in the season -- six at home and seven on the road. They've won all six at Arrowhead Stadium but just two of seven on the road. When you have a difference like that I don't think it's just coincidence.

"When you have won them all at home you are going to say that the road is a bad place," Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said Monday. "It is hard to win in the NFL week to week and we have had some good performances on the road and we have had some poor performances on the road."

If we limit the good road performances to the two wins then they've had just one good game, really. The Cleveland Browns road victory was the definition of ugly and they won't win many games like that.

"We went to play Seattle that is one of the most difficult places to play in the league and barring a couple mental mishaps that was a dominating performance on the road in a difficult place to play," Haley said.

That's one road victory they do have going for them. Seattle is 4-2 at home this year, they do pose a difficult road test and the Chiefs dominated them.

"It is what it is," Haley continued, "when you play better than your opponent you win. There are some times we have done that on the road and other times we haven’t. It just so happens that at home we have played better than our opponent each time."

So now the Chiefs face this possibility -- going 8-0 at home and missing out on the playoffs. If the San Diego Chargers run the table, the Chiefs could lose to the St. Louis Rams next week on the road, beat the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders at home, and miss the playoffs.

It's Game Time.

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