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Arguably Worst Game Of Todd Haley Era For Kansas City Chiefs

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Looking at the numbers, we'd have to say this was the worst game of the Todd Haley era for the Kansas City Chiefs. It sounds dramatic to say but you can fairly easily make the argument with the numbers that it is.

Of course the caveat with this is that this loss doesn't feel as bad as some of the others -- particularly in year one of the Haley era -- because the Chiefs are still in first place and still control their destiny in the final month. So, no, don't take this as I think the Chiefs are screwed this year.

But looking at the 2009 and 2010 losses, this one might be the worst.

Worst loss candidates in year one of the Haley era include a 34-14 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, 37-7 loss to the Chargers, 43-14 loss to the Chargers, 44-13 to the Broncos. They actually scored touchdowns in those games, which they didn't do against the Chargers last weekend. The 30-point San Diego loss the Chiefs threw for just 82 yards but also had 121 rushing yards.

This loss ties the 44-13 to the Broncos last year as the largest margin of loss in the Haley era. That game also had more passing and rushing yards and created more turnovers. Heck, at least the Chiefs offense turned the ball over in that game and had something to blame. They just got beat on Sunday.

This year the Chiefs have lost five games. The only one comparable is the Denver Broncos game last month when the Chiefs lost 49-29. The Chiefs were down 35-0 at one point in that game but, ultimately, there were some positive vibes coming out of that game with the numbers the offense put up.

So....yeah. We're going to want be like Todd Haley and move past this one pretty quickly.

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