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Five Bad Stats From The Chiefs' Blowout Loss To The Chargers

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As is the norm after a 31-point loss, there are plenty of bad stats to talk about from yesterday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers. Plenty of bad stats. We've been over quite a few of them already - third down conversions, total yards - so I'm going to try to pull out some other bad stats you may not have noticed. Yeah, I know. It's painful.

After the jump, I'm talking about the number of plays, first downs, QB pressure and more....

41 Offensive Plays

When you don't convert a third down, you're not going to be running that many offensive plays. That's exactly what happened to the Chiefs yesterday. The 41 plays that the Chiefs ran yesterday was the lowest number since, get this, Week 1 against the Chargers. Kansas City ran 49 plays that game. I have stats on offensive play numbers that go back to 1981 and I couldn't find a game with a lower number of plays run. In almost thirty years. 

5 First Downs

Five first downs is such a ridiculously low number of conversions. We had two rushing first downs and three passing first downs. That's it. Not even a Herm Edwards led team had this few first downs in a game. 

10 Drives, 6 Three & Outs

The Chiefs had ten punts against the Chargers and six of those punts came right after a three and out. 

QB Pressure

It was a rough day for Brodie Croyle. He was sacked four times and pressured officially six times. It was a combination of a San Diego defense schemed against the run as well as Croyle's own inefficiencies in the pocket. The defensive scheme against the run made the Chiefs one dimensional from essentially the second quarter on. 

Two Turnovers, Zero First Downs

If the Chiefs had any shot of even closing the gap against the Chargers, it was right after Eric Berry's pick when the score was 21-0. Unfortunately, the Chiefs went three and out. Same thing happened after the Tamba Hali strip. Three and out. Thank you for playing. 

Sorry Chiefs fans. There will be no Good Stats edition this week. It was that bad. 

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