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No Change For KC Chiefs In AFC Playoff Picture After Loss To Chargers

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The NFL playoff picture didn't change much in the AFC despite the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the San Diego Chargers. Heading into Week 14, the New England Patriots (11-2) were the top seed and on Sunday they dominated the Chicago Bears 36-7 maintaining the No. 1 seed. The Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) also won this week and they remain the No. 2 seed.

Then there's the Chiefs. KC remains the third seed if the playoffs started today despite their shutout loss on Sunday. The Jacksonville Jaguars are also 8-5 and leading the AFC South but the Chiefs own the head-to-head advantage.

There's a lot that can happen but it's looking like the two top seeds are on track to remain the same -- Patriots and Steelers -- as well as one or both wildcards -- New York Jets (9-4) and Baltimore Ravens (8-4, playing Houston on Monday night).

That leaves a couple of remaining spots in the AFC South and AFC West. The Jaguars lead the Colts by one game and they meet next week in Indianapolis. The Chiefs now lead the San Diego Chargers by one game and the Oakland Raiders by two games.

There's no change in the AFC playoff picture but rest assured Chiefs fans are on notice right now. Last week I thought the Chiefs were on track to win the division and now my confidence has been shaken. First, let's just get the quarterback back.

The Ravens game on Monday Night Football will affect our hypothetical playoff bracket. A Baltimore loss means the Ravens would be coming to Kansas City in round one while a victory would send the Jets here.

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