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Five Things To Remember From Chiefs Loss To Chargers

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Well, that was something, wasn't it?

The Kansas City Chiefs were...embarrassed? Beat up? Overmatched?

All of the above.  That's the second time this year they've been blown out -- the first time against Denver last month. But at least in that Denver game we saw some big numbers on offense. I mean it was bad but it wasn't like this. Brodie Croyle put up 40 yards passing today He was sacked four times and lost nearly 30 yards.. Jamaal Charles averaged "just" four yards a carry on 10 carries, over two yards below his season average. The Chiefs were shut out 31-0 and it's almost worse that they didn't have a bunch of turnovers. They were just beat....bad.

Here are five thoughts following the game.

1. OK, the Chiefs need Matt Cassel. I was one of the folks who said going into this game that, while the quarterback is very important, it's probably easier to plug somebody in with this offense that's run heavy versus other systems. I was wrong -- at least with Brodie Croyle and Matt Cassel. Croyle's numbers are the worst of any Chiefs QB performance this season (Cassel had similar numbers in Week 1 against the Chargers). He was inaccurate and unable to get anything going offensively. The Chiefs were 0-for-11 on third down. 0-for-11! I don't think the Chiefs win this game with Cassel but I would be OK with one first down.

2. Chiefs run defense might be overrated. Early in the game Kent Babb of the KC Star wrote via Twitter, "I don't think I've thought the Chiefs were outmatched in a game this season. Until today." This isn't becoming unusual for the Chiefs defense. The last two games were the two worst games of the year in rush yards given up. Which way they go the rest of the year remains to be seen but the pattern with them is becoming inconsistency.

3. To give the defense some credit....The Chiefs produced two turnovers. There's something to be said about being in the right place at the right time. Of course, the offense turned that into zero points. You have to give the defense some credit for creating a couple of turnovers. They won the turnover battle which is something that more often than not will work in their favor.

4. Too easy for Philip Rivers. With Antonio Gates out, I didn't think the Chargers would be able to roll over the Chiefs like they did. But Rivers consistently found players underneath, let them get the YAC and move the ball up and down the field efficiently. It seemed like a system failure on the Chiefs defense. Maybe Rivers is too good or maybe the Chiefs just blew it. But something went wrong.

5. Chiefs just aren't very good on the road. Right? That's fair to say. They're 6-0 at home and 2-5 on the road. Winning the division will get you a home playoff game but KC will have to win on the road next week to do that.

It's Game Time.

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