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Chargers Thumping Chiefs; KC Is Down 21-0 At Half

The San Diego Chargers are frankly dominating the Kansas City Chiefs right now. It's 21-0 at halftime, in favor of the Chargers. It's a combination of an anemic offense and a lax defense that has led to three easy San Diego touchdowns.

The Chargers are running the ball well. Passing the ball well. Converting third downs. And looking much more confident than our Kansas City Chiefs. The Chargers' defense has shut down the Chiefs' offense. KC has just over 50 total offensive yards. Jamaal Charles has 33 of those yards rushing the ball.

Nothing is working today for Kansas City. Nothing.

Suck it up Chiefs fans. Unless our coaches, both Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis, have some genius half time adjustments, it's going to be a long, long second half.

Thoughts on the first half?

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