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Sunny In San Diego, Snowy In Kansas City

As the Chiefs departed for San Diego on Saturday afternoon, the snow came flowing into Kansas City. The accumulation isn't significant but just enough to make driving a chore and enough to make you think of December and January at Arrowhead.

The Chiefs did make it to San Diego and they'll be suffering through 76 degree weather on the West coast today. 76 in December!

Don't feel bad that the Chiefs can see this today.....


While me, and the rest of you in Kansas City, walk through this...


Now that we're starting to see snow on the ground in Kansas City I'm getting even more excited for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. That's a huge advantage when weather conditions limit passing the ball, especially when you boast the NFL's best rushing attack. Todd Haley's from Pittsburgh. He gets it. Snow on the ground at Arrowhead will be a nice sight to see.

The Chargers and Raiders don't see snow very often in San Diego or Oakland so the Chiefs are (in theory) better prepared for bad weather football.

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