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An Awkward Moment With Chiefs RB Thomas Jones

I was listening to Thomas Jones' interview with Kevin Kietzmann of 810 WHB and came across an awkward exchange near the end of the segment. If you listened to it, then you know awkward is a good way to describe it. Here's the audio at

Here's part of the interview, where I'm sure you'll learn something new about Jones.

KK: We'll leave with a smile and a laugh if it's OK with you, a little lighthearted moment, you good with that? You like to have a little fun now and then?

TJ: Sure. No problem.

KK: You know what you and Brodie have in common, right?

TJ: What?

KK: There's a website -- top 10 hottest wives and girlfriends in the NFL.

TJ: Oh, really?

KK: Are you aware of that?

TJ: No...

KK: Your girlfriend Meagan, the actress, right? Meagan Good? And Kelli Croyle. Two of the 10 right here in Kansas City! That's pretty strong don't you think?

TJ: Yeah that's crazy...

KK: You didn't know that?

TJ: No, I had no idea. I'm not a big internet guy.

KK: Oh, OK. It escapes me now which website it was but there's this website out there that does these things. And you date an actress right?

TJ:...(laughs uncomfortably)...That's crazy....

KK: Well, there you go. Now you know. Obviously I've got your tongue on this one and you don't want to talk about it so I apologize. I wasn't trying to start anything.

TJ: I'm not a big internet guy so you know I guess that's a positive thing (laughs).

KK: That is a very positive thing. Good for you man.

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