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Chiefs' Todd Haley Explains Switch In Road Uniforms

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Last week against the Seattle Seahawks the Kansas City Chiefs went back to their white jersey, red pants uniform combination instead of the all whites. I know a few readers have wondered why this change wasn't made sooner considering the Chiefs play on the road this season.

Todd Haley indicated on Wednesday that the switch was a superstition thing.

"I’m just trying to get something that fits at this stage of the year," Haley told reporters on Wednesday. "I’ve clearly let superstition play too much of a part of my life and I blame that on the way I was raised and having to sit in a certain seat in the car and a certain chair in the house when certain games were on."

Everyone else can admit to doing stuff like this, too. Old Man Thorman had a Chiefs shirt that he wore every single game in the '97 season. I remember it very well growing up. You remember that season? You probably thought the Chiefs won 13 regular season games because they had the No. 1 ranked defense. You would be wrong. KC won that year because Old Man Thorman wore the same 1993 Chiefs division championship shirt with an over-sized head of Joe Montana on front. Much to my Mother's dismay, I discovered that shirt in Old Man Thorman's closet recently. Nearly two decades old!

Anyway, back to Haley:

"The way we finished last year in the all white against Denver and carried that into Cleveland to start this year and I thought we were set to go and we were going to have no more worries but when those losses piled up there on the road I had to get something changed."

Well, it was a good move to get it changed considering the results. We'll find out on Dec. 12 in San Diego if this superstition-related streak can hold up.

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