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KC Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Is Playing Great; But Is He Clutch?

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Back on October 11th, the day after the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts, I wrote a post calling WR Dwayne Bowe officially "unreliable and mediocre." In that post, 81% of you agreed that Chiefs fans should no longer consider Dwayne Bowe a No.1 wide receiver, considering his critical drops in the fourth quarter of that game.

Now, in Week 13 of the NFL season, it's no longer a question of whether or not Dwayne Bowe is a No. 1 wide receiver. He most definitely is. 13 touchdowns, 733 yards and 75 receptions in 7 games will get you that moniker.

But.....I have another question to ask you about Dwayne Bowe.

Is he now a "clutch" wide receiver?

I bring this up because our main man from the KC Star Kent Babb brought it up in the wake of the Indy game. Babb's exact words were: "Bowe isn't bad; he just isn't clutch."

And that's the question I want to debate this afternoon. Dwayne Bowe has completely turned his season around over the last seven games. His stats are astronomical. He's catching a higher percentage of passes that are thrown to him than earlier in the season. His YAC is scoring him touchdowns.

But do all of these great stats mean Dwayne Bowe is a "clutch" wide receiver? Do you, as a Chiefs fan, now want the ball to go to Dwayne Bowe with the game on the line? Or should the Chiefs just keep using him for his great production during the games and look elsewhere when the offense absolutely needs a play to be made?

Chiefs fans, has Dwayne Bowe become clutch over the last seven games?

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