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Todd Haley Says Chiefs Need To Become Better 2nd Half Team

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been a tale of two different halves over the last couple weeks. The Chiefs, for the first time in nearly five years, shut out their opponent in the first half for two consecutive weeks. Both games went to overtime which means the Chiefs defense didn't shut them down in the second half.

"We need to be a better second half football team," Haley told reporters Monday after the Chiefs gave up 23 second half points to the Raiders.

So do the Chiefs have a second half problem?

Sort of. The Chiefs defense as a whole is still solid giving up about 17 points per game but 67 percent of those points have come in the second half. As Chris Thorman noted on Monday morning, the Chiefs haven't shown much of a killer instinct in the last month outside of the Jaguars game.

In the first three games of the season, the Chiefs gave up 14 second half points. In the next three games, 48 second half points. What happened?

Many of their mistakes seem to be more mental than anything. When you get tired, you make mistakes. I think we forget sometimes that this is still a young team that's capable of making rookie mistakes. Becoming vulnerable when you're tired is one of those mistakes.

Thoughts on the Chiefs in the second half? I can't come up with any concrete ideas as to why they seem to fall apart at times.

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