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Five Good Stats From Kansas City Chiefs Loss To Oakland Raiders

We're back with more stats from the Kansas City Chiefs 23-20 OT loss to the time Oakland Raiders. We've already looked at five bad stats so here are five good ones to balance it out.

After the Chiefs games against the Colts and Texans I had a somewhat easy time coming up with five good stats in light of the loss. It was a little more difficult to come up with five good stats in this loss

Here are five good stats (as I realize that none of them are on offense):


That's how many rushing yards the Chiefs allowed. It's actually the third highest total of the season for the Chiefs defense but this came against the No. 2 ranked rushing offense in the NFL. Other than a 30-plus yard by RB Darren McFadden, the Raiders didn't have much going in the run game. The Chiefs had the Raiders 50-plus yards below their season average so they took a dent out of their offense right there.


Kudos to the Chiefs for forcing a whopping three turnovers. S Jon McGraw had an interception (and nearly two), LB Derrick Johnson forced a fumble and WR Verran Tucker got in on another fumble recovery (that took the refs several minutes to sort out). While there are plenty of other factors, I bet the Chiefs win a large majority of the games in which they produce three turnovers. You should also give a nod to the Chiefs forcing four total fumbles.


Number of sacks for the Chiefs defense. You know who had two of them? Eric Berry. We heard about Berry's ability to do things like that but haven't seen it a whole lot. And of course Tamba Hali had a sack as well.


That's the number of offensive drives it took Oakland to score (does not include first half knee down or kick return TD). I keep to hate saying this after a loss but I bet that doesn't happen very often in a loss.


That's the percentage of third down conversions for the Raiders. The Chiefs defense was strong for much of the day stopping the Raiders on 3-of-12 third down attempts (and one fourth down attempt, too).

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