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Chiefs Fans Are Wondering: Where Is KC's Killer Instinct?

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I need to say this up front - I'm not complaining about the Kansas City Chiefs season so far. You'd have to be a fool to do that after the last few years in KC. However, I do think the Chiefs are missing one major ingredient for long term success - the killer instinct.

When I say killer instinct, I'm talking about closing out football games both offensively and defensively. I'm talking about being in control of the football game in the fourth quarter and being able to solidly (two or more scores) put the game away.

I'm not only talking about just scoring points either. The defense needs to have that killer instinct too in order to stop the fourth quarter rallies that have resulted in the Chiefs' three losses this season. It's an attitude that comes from the coordinators, head coach and positional leadership.

Chiefs fans saw the killer instinct against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Chiefs scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter of that game, didn't give up a fourth quarter score and ended up blowing out the Jaguars. The game was close. Until the Chiefs found their killer instinct.

The losses to the Texans, Colts and Raiders are excellent examples of what happens when you let a team hang around in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs gave up 10 fourth quarter points to the Colts'; 21 four quarter points against the Texans; and 9 fourth quarter and overtime points against the Raiders. Meanwhile, the offense only score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

Even against the Bills, a game the Chiefs won, KC had zero killer instinct. We got lucky against the Bills and unlucky against the Raiders while performing at about the same level. You think that's going to fly in the playoffs? Or in a tight AFC divisional race?

My question to you is this: How far can the Kansas City Chiefs go without this fourth quarter killer instinct? Should we be worried? Who's to blame for not developing a killer instinct?

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