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Kansas City Chiefs Buck Trends In Loss To Oakland Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Oakland Raiders was a bizarre game for a number of reasons. The Chiefs did so many things on Sunday against the Raiders that they've avoided all season. The Chiefs have been generally mistake-free this year but I can't imagine a game where more things go wrong.

The Chiefs had played seven games heading into this week so we had a pretty good feel for what kind of team they were with those seven games of evidence. What floored me on Sunday was how far off they were from their season averages in a few critical categories.

Penalties. The Chiefs averaged five penalties per game heading into this week. They left with 12 total penalties and 100 free yards. They put up 240 percent of the penalties they normally do. This may have been the most bizarre occurrence on Sunday.

Season average: 5 per game

vs. Raiders: 12

Rushing yards. The Chiefs were averaging 190 yards per game heading into this game. They left with just 104 rushing yards on less than four yards per carry. I think most of us know that the Chiefs need solid rushing days to win games. They nearly did it on Sunday without the rushing attack but it's clearly not a good recipe for victory.

Season average: 190 per game

vs. Raiders: 104

Return TD. The Chiefs coverage units had been solid but they gave up a critical return TD to the Raiders' Jacoby Ford on Sunday. He went 94 yards for the score promptly putting the Raiders back into the game and giving them new hope. The Chiefs hadn't given up any return TDs this season.

Season average: 0

vs. Raiders: 1

Interception. Matt Cassel had gone 135 straight passes without throwing a pick. That streak ended when he threw a pick at the end of the first half. He had thrown just three picks in seven games this season.

Season average: .42 per game

vs. Raiders; 1

Sacks. Cassel has been sacked just eight times heading into the game but, for the second consecutive game, he was sacked three times.

Season average: 1.1 per game

vs. Raiders: 3

Fumbles. The Chiefs had fumbled just three times and lost just one heading into this game. Sunday they fumbled twice and lost one.

Season average: .42 per game (lost: .14)

vs. Raiders: 2 (lost: 1)

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