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Five Bad Stats From Kansas City Chiefs Loss To Oakland Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Oakland Raiders 23-20 in overtime on Sunday failing to add to their AFC West lead. Because it's a loss, we know there are some bad stats and that's the case here. The Chiefs simply made too many errors to beat the Raiders.

Here are five bad stats from the Chiefs loss.


That's the number of second half and overtime points for the Raiders. The Chiefs were holding the run game in check for the most part but they allowed several big plays in the second half to let the Raiders come back. The Chiefs held a 10-0 lead after halftime so 23 points is shocking to me.


Penalties. Are you kidding? This one was a ridiculously high number for the Chiefs. They went from one of the least penalized teams to nearly setting a franchise record for most combined penalties in a game. This was arguably the most surprising part of this game.


That's the Chiefs third down percentage. What's frustrating is that Matt Cassel, statistically, put up one of his better days this season. The third down percentage knocks his day down a peg. You won't win many games when you're failing on critical downs. The lack of a Chiefs running game was a big contributor to this stat.


For most teams, 104 rushing yards isn't a miserable stat. The Chiefs however boast the top rushing attack in the league so the lack of a rushing game hurt them. The Chiefs absolutely have to rush the ball if they want to win. They will make a lot of games closer than they should be if they rush for just 104 yards.


Total yards for rookie Jacoby Ford. He wasn't consistently beating the Chiefs but he several huge plays for the Raiders. First, it was the kick return TD. Second, it was taking an interception away from Brandon Flowers. Third, it was the 47-yard reception in overtime. How did the Chiefs allow Ford to beat them like that?

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