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What Do We Know About The KC Chiefs At The Halfway Point?

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When folks ask me what's going on with the Kansas City Chiefs this year and their resurgence, I usually offer up two reasons for the success. First, they're not making mistakes via silly penalties or turnovers. Second, they're beating the teams that they should and not having an "off game".

After seven games of proof, I feel those are pretty accurate statements. The 8th game, Sunday against the Raiders, was the opposite of most Chiefs games we've seen this season. There were plenty of silly penalties -- 27 (!) -- and the Chiefs didn't beat a team they should have beaten.

This is the first time this season I'm walking away disappointed in the Chiefs. That may sound like a bad thing but we're halfway through the season and the Chiefs have had really only one let down game and this is it. It sucks, there's no doubt about that. But in the big picture it's not so bad.

I'm not that worried about the Chiefs all of a sudden becoming an undisciplined team who has let down games like this. I'll take seven games of evidence that suggests otherwise versus one division game against the Raiders that says the Chiefs are a sloppy team. This is one game and until others like it start coming in we can consider this one a fluke. There was nothing Chief-like about it.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley now exits the second quarter of the season 2-2 including wins over the Jaguars and Bills were expected as was a loss to the Texans. It's those damn Raiders that are holding the Chiefs back.

We're at the halfway point....gut feelings about this team?

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