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ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown Debates Chiefs, Raiders As 'Serious Contenders'

The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders game is getting plenty of air time across the TV networks on Sunday morning. ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown spent a few minutes Sunday morning debating this question:

Who's the most serious contender between the Chiefs and Raiders?

Tom Jackson: I think it's the Chiefs. The coaching staff in general and Romeo Crennel in particular. When you look at his ability to coach young guys, keep his teams in games....Think all the way back to New England winning those championships. Those were all low scoring games. Even Peyton Manning. He's the one guy who can slow him down. He (Romeo Crennel) and Dick LeBeau are the best in the league.

Cris Carter: We mentioned the sell out in Oakland for the first time in 12 games. Kansas City, huge home field advantage. 4-0 at home now. Their last four games are Arizona, Denver, Tennessee and Oakland one more time. They have a chance to go 8-0 at home. When you're that dominant at home, you have to be a contender.

Mike Ditka: I think the light went on out in Oakland and I think the light went on on in this manner: I think the owner is letting the coach coach and the players play and they're doing one heck of a job. Jason Campbell is doing an outstanding job at quarterback and McFadden is running the ball terrific. And they have an offensive line that takes pride in pushing the other guy around.

Keyshawn Johnson: It's the Kansas City Chiefs. The Oakland Raiders are doing a great job but it's the Kansas City Chiefs at 5-2. This division could be won at 9-7. We had an opportunity last year to watch the New York Jets go all the way to the AFC Championship game at 9-7 so I don't see why the Chiefs can't do it. If they win the division, and get a home playoff game, that advantage is a lot. It's huge.

Chris Berman: if you just do players and rank them, maybe the Raiders a slight edge.[Richard] Seymour and [Nnamdi] Asomugha -- who's a question toady -- best two defensive players. The Chiefs with their winning ways and coaching on both sides of the ball...only four turnovers so far? That's some pretty good football. And all seven draft picks of Scott Pioli were captains last year. Interesting....

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