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Kansas City Chiefs Tailgating: How Do You Roll?


This post is the second in our series of posts on tailgating, sponsored by Captain Morgan.

For those that haven't been to Arrowhead Stadium on game day, one of my guilty pleasures is the people watching. You've got Super Fans. You've got BBQs and grills being fired up all around you. You've got kids and Dads tossing the football around before the game.

And one thing I think Kansas City does really well when it comes to tailgating is coming up with the ultimate tailgate vehicles. If you've been to Arrowhead, you've seen them - The cars and vans that are completely decked out just for Kansas City Chiefs games. Flags, decals and even jerseys deck out these cars.

I know this phenomenon isn't unique to KC but I feel like we do it the best. Which leads me to our conversation today - How do you roll to football games to tailgate? Do you bring the Corolla and set up the grill on the ground? Do you bring the pick up and hang out on the tailgate?

Or do you have a full on, decked out tailgating machine like these guys?

I know some of you out there roll to Arrowhead in amazing machines built just for tailgating. Let us know what they are in the comments.

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