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Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley On ESPN's Mike And Mike

Photo source: KC Chiefs
Photo source: KC Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley appeared on ESPN's Mike and Mike on Friday morning talking about the Chiefs resurgence, the running backs and the development of the passing game. Expect to see Haley featured more often in the national media as the Chiefs continue to win.

Doug Gottlieb was in for Mike Greenberg (and Haley didn't like Greenberg ducking out after he picked against them).

Here's a summary of the interview.....

How would you characterize your team's effort?

-"First of all, I would characterize it as an excellent effort That's the type of game you're going to get into occasionally. That was as wild a one as I've been involved in as far as going back and forth, back and forth."

-"I think our guys learned a bunch about hanging in there, not breaking and making just enough to plays to get it to end in our favor, which was a big, big win for our team."

On the biggest difference from last year to this year:

-"Last year you saw enough signs of progress throughout last year as the year went on and how they continued to work, prepare and practice and we were making progress. That continued in the offseason and into this year. We're still tring to figure out the things we need to do be a good team."

-"To have some results is real nice for our guys."

On what's missing in the passing game:

-"Probably consistency. We've had some games where we've been very efficient throwing the football. Sometimes when you're running it so well and so much .... the rhythm of the passing game becomes a little bit of a more difficult task. We ran it 10 straight times at one point in last week's game so we're trying to work our way through that. But I've seen enough positive signs from the passing game to know we're doing things the right way."

On Mike and Mike picking against them this year:

-"I'm more concerned with Greeny not showing up today after not picking us this week. That's what I'm more concerned with. That's starting to become a trend."

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