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Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley Mic'd Up

Last season, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley wasn't exactly the head coach you mic'd up during an NFL game. Let's just say that it would be difficult for to edit out the various expletives Todd Haley quickly became known for around KC. Former Chief Bernard Pollard even went as far to say after his release that he didn't like Haley's cursing. Remember "Snap the ****ing ball?" 

Yeah, not exactly friendly for mass consumption. But the 2010 Todd Haley, if you've noticed has been calmer and less inclined to drop the random insult/expletive.  And that kind of attitude gets you mic'd up on, which Haley was for last week's game against the Buffalo Bills. 

Click here to watch the video (You may need to scroll right on the bottom of the player and click on the picture of Matt Cassel). 

And boy is it entertaining to listen to, even without the rather hilarious cursing (Although to be fair there is some bleeped out cursing). Check out some of what I think are the best quotes from the clip of Haley last Sunday:

During pre-game warmups, talking with Chris Chambers and Verran Tucker as they run drills: 


Haley: Stop dancing.....No dancing Verran. Verran, no dancing now. Not even a head bob out of you. Chris [Chambers] can get a head bob.

Chris Chambers starts lightly bobbing his head.

Haley: No, that's too much. We ain't done shit. 


And here is one more of Todd Haley talking with the officials about a possible Buffalo penalty:

Haley: Is anybody paying attention? Did their guy not pick up the ball and throw it right at our guy?

Official #1: I don't think so. I think he spiked the ball out of bounds. That's what he told me.

Haley: That's what he told you? I tell my wife I take the garbage out. Sometimes I don't.


This is a fun video to watch. Check it out. 

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