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Chargers, Falcons, Bears Up For NFL Victory Of The Week

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday but they're not up for our NFL victory of the week. We've got six candidates this week. Here they are:

Chargers over Colts: San Diego looked really, really sharp as they dominated the Colts all night long. Let's admit it -- we're all a little scared of the Chargers right now. I know I am.

Falcons over Packers: Are the Falcons the best team in the NFL? They've quietly amassed the best record along with the Patriots and Jets. If the Chiefs can't win, here's to Tony G. getting his Super Bowl.

Bears over Eagles: This is the game that I'm probably going to choose because it surprised me so much. Every week when I do NFL power rankings, I put the Bears in the middle of the pack. It's time for them to rise at 7-4.

Rams over Broncos: This one is nice for KC fans. The Rams beat the Broncos, despite Denver's comeback. Nice win by the Rams.

Ravens over Bucs: Eh, is this impressive? The Bucs beat bad teams and lose to good teams (but, hey, they don't make the schedule).

Saints over Cowboys: Again, this isn't an overly impressive win because the Cowboys aren't exactly dominant this year.

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