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Chiefs G Brian Waters Remembers Entering Oakland The First Time

We've made our fair share of jokes aimed at the Oakland Raiders, particularly their, uh, rabid fans. Raiders fans may not be coming out in droves to the stadium but entering the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum is still no easy task.

Kansas City Chiefs G Brian Waters talked this week about entering the "Black Hole".  All the usual suspects are there -- throwing batteries, flipping the bird, etc.

"I remember my first time going to Oakland," Waters told reporters (video via KC Star). "It was in basically my first year here and so we're riding on the bus and I'm asleep going to the game because it was a nice long drive from the hotel we stayed in. All of a sudden you hear all this noise, all this 'Boom, boom, boom!' and you looked up and it was people throwing batteries at the bus.

"I just remember thinking to myself, 'What did we just drive into?' I thought we just drove into hail and then all the people, everybody shooting you the bird. I've never been in anything like it.  And it hasn't changed. At least the parking lot atmosphere has been consistent over the last 11 years and I expect it to be the same come Sunday."

This sounds...dangerous. I mean, really? Batteries?

I'm guessing the CBS telecast won't show the Chiefs pulling into Oakland on Sunday.

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