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Randy Moss Waiver Wire Watch Doesn't Include KC Chiefs

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Cross Chiefs off the Randy Moss watch...Haley says team not interested

That's a tweet from Josh Looney of following Todd Haley's press conference Wednesday afternoon. You can read the details of what Haley had to say from Kent Babb of the KC Star but, as many some of us expected, the Kansas City Chiefs aren't interested in waived WR Randy Moss.

Of course it's possible the Chiefs aren't interested because they know they couldn't get him. Coaches and GMs throughout the league talk and if the Chiefs caught wind that Moss definitely wasn't going to be available at their spot on the waiver wire, then there's no reason for them to publicly announce their interest indirectly slighting the current Chiefs receivers. It's also equally possible they're legitimately not interested in his services. I'm not sure which one it is.

Speculation around the league included the Chiefs as a possible landing spot. The Chiefs could use a top receiver and there's the Patriots ties with GM Scott Pioli. There were reasons, on paper, to think the Chiefs would be interested. There were other reasons to think Moss wouldn't fit in the Chiefs locker room.

We'll find out shortly who his next team is. The odds currently favor the St. Louis Rams -- whether Moss likes it or not.

Here are a few of the Randy Moss stories we've had here over the last 48 hours:

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