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Kansas City Chiefs November 2010 Approval Poll: Scott Pioli

scott pioli clark hunt
scott pioli clark hunt

Make sure you vote in our Todd Haley approval poll too.

We're a few days into November and it's time for the November Scott Pioli approval poll. We posted the Todd Haley approval poll yesterday and Mr. Haley is killing it - 94% of Chiefs fans approve of the job he's doing as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach.

We've seen a trend recently of when either Haley or Pioli does well in the first poll, the other one tends to do about the same. That makes sense, seeing how Haley and Pioli are so inextricably linked in the Chiefs organization right now.

Here are some recent Pioli stories to get you caught up. Make sure you VOTE!

VOTE! Previous month's results are after the jump...

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