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Matt Cassel Says Chiefs Offense Is Putting Defenses 'Into A Bind'

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Now that the Kansas City Chiefs passing game has played well for an extended period of time we're starting to see just how effective a good running game combined with a good passing game can be. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, along with WR Dwayne Bowe, has been leading the charge in the passing department as opposing defenses sell out to stop the run.

Talking Monday afternoon with Soren Petro on 810 WHB's The Program, Cassel says KC's offense is putting defenses "into a bind."

"We’re kind of putting defenses into a bind right now just considering the fact that we are running the ball so well. They have to make a choice. Do they load up the box and try to lock us down on the outside with one-on-one coverage or do they play more zone coverage and try to put somebody over the top and maybe not load the box as much? It’s just one of those situations where, because of the running game being so effective and so efficient right now for us, it kind of puts the defense in a bind."

For the most part they're linked. The Chiefs can pass the ball well because of the threat of the running game and they can run the ball well because of the threat of the passing game. Occasionally KC's running game can straight-up impose its will on the defense no matter what you do but I'm not sure you can depend on that week after week. When both sides are clicking -- from Jamaal Charles to Dwayne Bowe -- this is a tough offense to stop.

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