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Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones Splitting Carries Makes More Sense Now

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Maybe Todd Haley knows what he's doing after all.

Early in the season, one of the big stories surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs was the workload between the two running backs, Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. Charles, who led the NFL in yards per carry last year, started the season with 11, 11 and 12 carries in each of the first three games.

Like everyone else, it drove me crazy that Charles wasn't getting more carries because in two of those games he was over eight yards per carry. All of a sudden, Haley's strategy makes more sense.

Charles tells Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star that his body feels good, as if he's "starting the season all over again."

We're entering Week 13 and arguably the Chiefs best offensive player feels like it's Week 1. You think that's a good thing? I think some of us knew this was the plan all along but it's hard to see it, you know....actually working.

As we enter December, and teams are beat up and tired, KC can keep pounding the rock. With the way some teams get weaker down the stretch, it's possible the Chiefs are getting stronger.

It's almost as if this whole thing was planned.

(H/T GetRight in the FanShots)

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