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KC Chiefs Have Certainly Turned The Tables In The NFL

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It's now been a few years since I've been blogging which means I've read plenty of post-game stories and I can usually guess how the Kansas City Chiefs will be perceived. Last year the Chiefs were painted as a team that couldn't do much right. They were consistently over-matched and they were usually caught on the outside looking in when it came to being a real football team.

Now the tables have turned. Art Thiel of Seattle PI has a line in his post-game story that would indicate the tables have now turned in the NFL.

When you're the Seahawks, you count on haymakers and serendipity. When you're the Chiefs, you count on 270 yards rushing. Especially when the opponent rushes for 20 yards.

The jaw-dropping discrepancy in the game's most fundamental element illustrated the difference between a real NFL division leader and a pretender.

The Chiefs were used as an example of a "real division leader" to put down their opponent. The same story says the Chiefs are one of the few teams in the NFL that can announce their play call ahead of time and still go out and run it to perfection.

I know we're past the 'Hey look, the Chiefs aren't the joke of the NFL anymore!' but this particular line stood out to me. It takes a while to change perceptions -- just ask the Texans -- and I'm continually impressed with how quickly KC has been able to do that.

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