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Dwayne Bowe Speaks (Again) After Setting Chiefs Record

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Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe is on perhaps the best seven-game run for a receiver in franchise history and that continued on Sunday as he tied a career high with 13 receptions against the Seattle Seahawks and set a new career high with three touchdown receptions. His 14 touchdowns lead the NFL and he's arguably already put up the best numbers for a receiver in franchise history through just 11 games.

For the second consecutive week Bowe spoke with the media following the game and while he's still "just trying to keep my head down", there's still some D-Bowe Show in there.

"I have no clue," Bowe said (audio via 610 Sports) when asked what his stats were. "I don't keep count until Monday. I don't want to know until Monday."

"But I'm sure you want to tell me. So what were they?"

It's almost as if Bowe has been programmed to respond a certain way -- "I'm just going to keep my head down" and "I'm just here to run, block and catch" -- but the old D-Bowe Show wants to come out at times.

"My job is to keep my head down, run, block and catch -- no matter what goes around me. All the outside talk doesn't pertain to me. My head is down and I'm just here to run block and catch."

And then there's the guy that's concerned about his touchdown celebration.

"I think away games that will be my celebration, to say thank you for having me," Bowe said of his touchdown celebrations in Seattle. "Just being polite, real humble and [say] thank you guys for coming out."

"Home games I might pull a trick out of the hat once in a while. My head is down and that's all I have to say."

To be fair, Bowe has, in my mind, earned the right to talk about his touchdown celebrations. If it's possible to earn a bit of showboating on a Todd Haley-coached team then Bowe has done it. His resurgence has turned into the story of the Chiefs 2010 season and the focus is turning into how his season compares to other great ones in NFL history.

Whatever Bowe is doing -- "keeping my head down" or working on touchdown celebrations -- it's working. And it's working really freakin' well, so he should probably keep it up.

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