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Matt Cassel, Pete Carroll Highlight Chiefs-Seahawks Connections

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Good morning Kansas City Chiefs fans! With the Seattle Seahawks on the horizon tomorrow, we're bringing you some notable KC/Seattle connections on both the player side and the coaching side of the field. As usual, there isn't anything too mind blowing here. Personally, I use these stats to sound really smart during the games. 

Announcer: "And there's Steve Hoffman, the Chiefs special teams coach taking the field."

Chris to friend he's watching the game with: "You do know that Hoffman tried out for Seattle as a punter during their '84 training camp, right?"

Boom. Instant smarts. Or instant annoyance. Once of the two. Anyway, here are this week's notable Chiefs/Seahawks connections, courtesy of the mothership. Learn 'em and impress your friends:

  • Seattle General Manager John Schneider served as Director of Pro Personnel with Kansas City ('97-99).
  • Kansas City strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark served in a similiar capacity with Seattle (2004-09).
  • Chiefs special teams coach Steve Hoffman attended training camp with the Seahawks as a punter in '84.
  • Kansas City LS Thomas Gafford spent time with Seattle in 2007.
  • Seahawks DT Junior Siavii played with the Chiefs (2004-05).
  • Seattle T/G Allen Barbre is a native of Granby, MO and played at Missouri Southern.
  • Seahawks assistant OL coach Pat Ruel coached at Kansas ('88-96).
  • Seattle area scout Derrick Jense prepped at Oswatomie (KS) HS.
  • Seahawks senior personnel executive Scot McCloughan played baseball at Wichita State.
  • Chiefs QB Matt Cassel played collegiately at USC under Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll.
Anyone we missed?