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Path To Starting In The NFL, Per Chiefs Coach: Special Teams

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We're a couple of days away from the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks contest in Seattle so that means we've got some coordinators talking. Specifically, Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis.

Most of todays' conversation centered around the usual BS press conference talk but Charlie Weis did have an interesting insight into what Todd Haley's path to being a starter includes. Weis said, "I think Todd's philosophy has always been, and we all come from the same mentality, that the easiest way for a young guy to get on the team is through special teams."

Specifically, Weis was talking about WR Verran Tucker when he said:

"Really, here's a case where he showed improvement as a receiver, but his improvement on special teams was really what got him on the field first. I think that anyone, whether you're a draft choice or an undrafted rookie free agent, you have a chance of playing on the team as long as you can show up on special teams."

So, as much as other teams don't pay any attention to their special teams only players, Chiefs fans should probably be keeping a closer eye on the Terrance Coppers, Andy Studiebakers and Verran Tuckers of the world.

The lesson is: Watch those special teams guys. They may be the next KC Chiefs starters .

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