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Kansas City Chiefs Front Seven Evaluation: NFL Week 11


Hey everyone,  I'm here to bring you the KPM for the Arizona Cardinals vs. Kansas City Chiefs game last week.  It was an interesting game with several surprise performances and a couple of expected ones.  As always, the rating system is located here.  As I have not been able to grade the Denver game, the overall KPM and KPM/snap aren't included this week.  Let's get to it!

  • 64% of the time, the Chiefs were in the base 3-4 defense.

  • 36% of the time, the Chiefs were in the nickel formation.

  • 13% of the time, the Chiefs blitzed a linebacker or safety.

  • Great play by Belcher and Dorsey in the 1st drive of the game. It starts with Ron Edwards letting a free man through to the second level, but Jovan dodges the block and gets through into the backfield. He forces Hightower to alter his path, and Dorsey blows through his man for the tackle for loss.

  • Early on, there seems to be a blocking scheme set forth by the Cardinals that double teams Edwards and shoving him off the line, as well as letting Tamba get upfield, then blocking him further up the field. The Cards then decided to run at Tamba/Dorsey's side of the field with a giant hole.

  • Belcher is getting some good pops on receivers coming off their routes. Good to see him giving those little reminders that he's there.

  • Another excellent tandem play during the 2nd drive: It's 3rd and 1, and Shaun Smith absolutely blows his man off the line, forcing the running back to side step the developing gap. Tamba also bulldozes his man, taking advantage of the stutter step and bringing down the running back for no gain and ending the drive. I'll give a little credit to Jovan as well: he drove the lead blocker into the backfield. The running back would've struggled even without Tamba and Shaun blowing up the play.

  • Dorsey blows up another play at the beginning of the 3rd drive, once again forcing the running back to go against the play and allowing Berry to make an easy stop on the backside of the play.

  • Big time break-up by Carr to end the 3rd drive.

  • Dorsey again with a great play in the 4th drive, eating a double team, pushing it into the backfield, and filling the opening gap, allowing Vrabel to come in to make the tackle for no gain. Glenn is playing lights out in the first half.

  • Seeing some Demorrio as a nickel outside linebacker in the first half, and he's not looking too bad.

  • Shaun Smith was less than awesome as a fullback. =)

  • Chiefs are running a 4 man front late in the 2nd quarter with Tamba, Dorsey, Edwards, and Gilberry as down linemen. Belcher and DJ are the linebackers with an extra defensive back in the game.

  • Fantastic work rate from Demorrio to get by his blocker and get to the quarterback for a big sack just after the 2 minute warning in the first half.

  • Ron is continuing his slump, it seems. There are a lot of missed double teams, and the inside linebackers are suffering because of it.

  • Great play by Tyson early in the 4th quarter. The Cardinals rarely have run at the strong side, and when they did this time, Tyson commanded a double team, shoved them into the backfield, then dove low to hit the running back. Because of the double team, Jovan was able to come forward and help Tyson with the stop. Textbook stop for no gain.

  • Demorrio with back-to-back quarterback pressures in the 4th quarter. He's been everywhere this past week.


The KPM's:

Glenn Dorsey

Dorsey finally showed up strong again!  He did well to catch a few double teams and didn't let a single man through.  He really commanded his side of the line, getting into the backfield a couple of times to make big plays.  He showed up really well this week.


Overall KPM: 24 Points

Snaps: 47

KPM/Snap: 0.511


Tyson Jackson


It made me happy to watch Tyson this week.  Many have been coming down on his performance as of late, but the truth is that he's performing very well while he's on the field.  He did let a free man through and had a missed tackle, but caught several double teams and blew up two big plays.  He's really making his time on the field count every week.


Overall KPM: 11 Points

Snaps: 15

KPM/Snap: 0.733

Ron Edwards

To quote AverageGatsby:  "Did Ron turn back into a pumpkin?"  Well, the short answer is yes.  After his lightning start, he's really fallen off.  This week he let four free men through and got shoved off the line twice.  He did catch several double teams, but those misses were crucial.


Overall KPM: 2 Points

Snaps: 31

KPM/Snap: 0.065

Wallace Gilberry

Gilberry didn't have as great of an impact as he usually does, but he didn't have any negative plays.  He recorded two quarterback pressures, though.  He's still a valuable asset.


Overall KPM: 4 Points

Snaps: 24

KPM/Snap: 0.167

Shaun Smith

Shaun got his snaps back from Tyson this week, but really suffered.  He got into the backfield twice, but only got one double team and let three free men through.  This was an atypical performance from Shaun, and I expect he'll pick things back up next week.


Overall KPM: 0 Points

Snaps: 26

KPM/Snap: 0.000



Mike Vrabel


Vrabel was right about his ceiling this week.  He pressured the quarterback a couple of times and forced two oposition penalties.  As usual, he was strong against the run and came off the field in nickel situations.


Overall KPM: 8 Points

Snaps: 34

KPM/Snap: 0.235


Tamba Hali


This is one of Tamba's LOW games...only recording three quarterback pressure.  He was a problem all day for the offensive tackle in the pass rush, but didn't set the edge well in the run game.  He needs to figure that out in a hurry because opposing offenses have started to pick up on this.  Still, nice game, Hawk!


Overall KPM: 12 Points

Snaps: 52

KPM/Snap: 0.231


Derrick Johnson


DJ had a DOWN game this week.  He was largely invisible for most of the game, in part due to the free men in the second level.  He played decent pass coverage, but was not thrown at for the most part.  HAS to be an anomaly, because this is the first time I've seen him disappear for a stretch this year.


Overall KPM: 0 Points

Snaps: 53

KPM/Snap: 0.000


Jovan Belcher


Jovan wasn't much better than DJ, but he stuck his head in the gap a couple more times than Derrick did.  He still suffered from the NT play this week as well.


Overall KPM: 4 Points

Snaps: 36

KPM/Snap: 0.111


Andy Studebaker


Studebaker again saw the nickel snaps this week, but didn't do anything with them.


Overall KPM: 0 Points

Snaps: 7

KPM/Snap: 0.000


Demorrio Williams


Demorrio took over some of Studebaker's snaps, and really made the most of it, netting a sack and several quarterback pressures.  He's yet another guy that stepped up and made the most of his opportunities.


Overall KPM: 8 Points

Snaps: 13

KPM/Snap: 0.615





Defensive Line:


This Week's KPM
This Week's KPM/Snap
Glenn Dorsery 24 Tyson Jackson 0.733
Tyson Jackson 11 Glenn Dorsey 0.511
Wallace Gilberry 4 Wallace Gilberry 0.167
Ron Edwards 2 Ron Edwards 0.065
Shaun Smith 0 Shaun Smith 0.000




This Week's KPM
This Week's KPM/Snap
Tamba Hali 12 Demorrio Williams 0.615
Mike Vrabel 8 Mike Vrabel 0.235
Demorrio Williams 8 Tamba Hali 0.231
Jovan Belcher 4 Jovan Belcher 0.111
Derrick Johnson 0 Derrick Johnson 0.000
Andy Studebaker 0 Andy Studebaker 0.000


And now, time for Kalo's MVP of the Week! This week, it's GLENN DORSEY!


Glenn was everywhere, and really proved how much a little patience is worth in the NFL.  He's not a pro-bowler yet, but playing a position that gets far less glory and statistics, he's still making his impact felt.  Great job, Glenn!

Have a great day everyone, and thanks for reading!

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