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Under-The-Radar KC Chiefs Deserve Thanks

Thanksgiving was yesterday which means this story should have been posted yesterday. Pounds of turkey got to me and I spent the afternoon (and evening) napping, so here's the story I was going to post yesterday.

The Kansas City Chiefs have plenty of things to be thankful for including the role players on the team. There are a handful of unsung heroes on the Chiefs that don't get enough credit sometimes. On the Thanksgiving holiday, let's take a look at them. Here are four under-the-radar Chiefs that deserve our thanks this year.

C Casey Wiegmann: Offensive linemen never get their due but Wiegmann has been a pleasant surprise this year. Once a game, the broadcasters are good for a "That's why he's a crafty veteran" line regarding Wiegmann. He pushed the offensive line over the top this year.

LB Jovan Belcher: The guy is a starter after coming out of Maine last year as an undrafted free agent. When that happens, you know you're busting your you-know-what. I like his effort.

S Jon McGraw: He's quietly one of my favorite players because, while he's not the most physically gifted guy, he's filled an integral role on the team. I know for a fact guys on the team look up to him and he's consistently referred to as one of those veteran leaders. He's someone who makes a difference without you really knowing.

NT Ron Edwards: "Draft a nose tackle!" Maybe at some point the Chiefs need to do that but Ron Edwards appeared to raise his game this year. We don't talk about nose tackle very much which means he's doing something right. He proved many of us wrong.

It's Game Time.

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