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NFL Odds Say KC Chiefs Are Slight Road Favorites Over Seattle Seahawks

Seattle playing in Seattle is sort of like the Kansas City Chiefs playing in Kansas City. What I mean by that is that both teams have excellent home fans that make things rough on the opponent. Seattle calls themselves the 12th man while KC doesn't need to give itself nicknames.

That's why I was slightly surprised to see the Chiefs are one point favorites over the Seahawks this weekend. One isn't much but I didn't think the consistently inconsistent Chiefs had defined themselves as someone that can win on the road in a tough place.

That said, the Chiefs are clearly the better team. They've got the edge pretty much everywhere.

KC's offense is going up against a group that ranks 30th against the pass and 13th against the run. Seattle's defense as a whole is very average allowing over 23 points per game.

KC's defense, on paper, dominates Seattle's offense. The Seahawks have the 27th overall offense ranking 20th passing the ball and 30th rushing the ball. The Chiefs are very tough to beat when they face a team that's one-dimensional.

So one point favorites? Yeah, I can buy that now that I think about it.

(H/T kcsno56)

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