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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: KC Chiefs Are Above Average

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It's Tuesday which means NFL power rankings. Week 12 saw the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Arizona Cardinals so they can expect to rise back to the No. 12-15 range they've been in for most of the season. The Chiefs had lost two in a row coming into last week's game so they were ranked a little lower than we've seen them since the start of the season.

But they're back around No. 12-15, which I think is fair. Here are some power rankings from around the web:

SB Nation: 14 (17) - "The Chiefs stand alone atop the AFC West but for how long? They've got back-to-back divisional games coming up against the Broncos and Chargers. First step though is beating Seattle this weekend."

SB Nation Atlanta: 14 (20) - Done via mathematical formula.

CBS Sports: 14 (16) - "They're back in first place by themselves after beating up on Arizona. Now comes a tough road game at Seattle."

FanHouse: 15 (19) - "Good teams win home games against subpar opponents, and the Chiefs did just that in Week 11 by beating Arizona. They're now 5-0 at home this season, Their remaining schedule isn't imposing at all, and if they can squeak out a No. 2 playoff seed, they may reach the AFC championship."

NFL Mocks: 13 - "This team is far ahead in their rebuilding process but they are more focused on the playoffs not rebuilding. While the Chiefs have surprised people this year I think their lack of talent will catch up with them at some point."

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