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Five Good Stats From Kansas City Chiefs Victory Over Arizona Cardinals

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The Kansas City Chiefs convincing 31-13 victory produced plenty of good stats. There's the 31 points scored or continuing the streak of holding opponents to 20 points or less at home. There's the 5-0 record at Arrowhead and Dwayne Bowe's 10th touchdown in the last six games.

In short, there's a lot to like about this game. I picked out five good stats from the Chiefs victory. Here they are:


That's the number of attempts for Cardinals QB Derek Anderson. The Chiefs jumped out to a 21-3 lead essentially making the Cardinals one-dimensional. The Chiefs are among the league's best teams when they're facing a one-dimensional offense. This is why they talk about turnovers, starting fast and all that. They want to turn the opponent into, as Todd Haley would say about Larry Fitzgerald, a one-trick pony.


That's the number of Chiefs turnovers in this game. Matt Cassel has one interception in his last seven games and the Chiefs did not fumble the ball at all on Sunday. I hate going back to the same thing but: run the ball and don't turn it over. It works pretty well.


That's the number of rushing yards for the Chiefs this game. In the last two games combined, they had 155 yards, so you can tell how much the rushing game helped. As I've said before, the rushing game is what makes this offense go. A good or bad game by Matt Cassel doesn't determine how well this team will do -- it's the running game.


That's the percentage on goal-to-go situations against the Cardinals. Remember last week against the Denver Broncos when they shut down the Chiefs with a first and goal at the one-yard line? Yeah, that was embarrassing. The Chiefs turned that around against the Cardinals.


That's the Cardinals third down percentage on Sunday. The Chiefs held to just four first downs on 15 third down attempts. Getting the opponent off the field in situations like that and something that's been a killer for the Chiefs in the past.

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