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KC Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Underwent Surgery

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The Kansas City Chiefs have talked about endearing QB Matt Cassel to the fans, but what about head coach Todd Haley? Fans will be proud of their coach after hearing that he went through surgery this week and still made it onto the field Sunday. Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic has a story on Monday morning with a few more details on Haley's injured leg, which has caused him to hobble around all week.

Haley tells him that he "ripped a tendon right off the quad" trying to dive for a ball during practice last week.

It was so bad that Haley underwent three hours of surgery this week and was still hobbling Sunday.

"But I caught the ball, and I didn't miss a practice," Haley said. "I was proud of that."

The Chiefs coaching staff is the definition of practicing what you preach. They expect players to play hurt -- there's a difference between being injured and being hurt -- and they do the same. Charlie Weis delayed to Monday morning gall bladder surgery earlier in the season so that he could coach a Sunday game and now this with the Chiefs head coach.

I don't know much about the injury but you all saw Haley trying to walk around on the sidelines Sunday (key word: trying). He walked gingerly after the game to the locker room, taking one slow step after another.

I imagine that's not so hard after a victory, especially against your former team.

(H/T nycchief)