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Monday Night Football: Chiefs Fans Cheering Broncos To Knock Off Chargers

In case you didn't know, the AFC West is on display tonight with Monday Night Football as the Denver Broncos take on the San Diego Chargers in Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA. Obviously, with the AFC West being such a tight division right now, this divisional game looms large.

After the Chiefs won yesterday and the Oakland Raiders lost, KC holds sole possession of first place at 6-4, followed by Oakland at 5-5, San Diego at 4-5 and Denver at 3-6.

A Chargers victory moves them into a second place tie with the Raiders. A Chargers puts them into a last place tie with the Broncos and very, very close to being eliminated from all playoff talk.

Right now, I consider San Diego and their mid to late seasons runs the most dangerous threat to the Chiefs chances of winning the division. I don't think the Broncos, even with a win tonight to tie them with San Diego, are anything to worry about in the AFC West. That means we're rooting for Denver.

Yep, put your John Elway flak jacket on because we're Broncos fans for this game.

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