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Dwayne Bowe's Interview Following Chiefs' Victory Over Cardinals

Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe doesn't talk to the media very often but he did on Sunday after the Chiefs 31-13 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Bowe caught two touchdown passes from QB Matt Cassel to add to his NFL-leading 11 touchdown receptions. He also caught a touchdown pass in his sixth consecutive game setting a new franchise mark.

His six-game line: 36 catches for 563 yards with 10 touchdowns. To say it's been a good six game stretch for Bowe is an understatement.

Bowe talked with reporters for about five minutes after the game on topics ranging from whether he'll change if (when) the Chiefs win it all to following in Larry Fitzgerald's footsteps to when he'll be talking to the media again.

Here's the full interview:

(Questions are paraphrased)

Q: How's it been going? You haven't talked with us since the season started. How have you seen this first nine games?

Bowe: At this level, you gotta learn...sometimes you gotta keep your mouth closed and your head down and just strive and that's what I've been doing. Our team is building and right now we're starting to do great things so I'm going to keep my head down and keep going.

Q: What's your relationship with Cassel like? You guys seem to be connected pretty well.

Bowe: Our relationship is good. We work hard, especially on our off days, we come in and get a couple of throws in. We just want to be on the same page because that's what wins the game. And it's paying off so I'm just going to continue to do it.

Q: How different is Dwayne Bowe from game one to this game?

Bowe: I don't think I'm any different, to me. I feel like everyday I'm the same guy striving for one goal and that's to win it all. Until I do that I'm going to feel like the same person. When I win it I might change. But now I'm just Dwayne.

Q: How are you going to change?

Bowe: I can't tell you, you gotta wait for it (laughs).

Q: You worked out with all these guys (Fitzgerald, etc). It's almost like you had an awakening this offseason.

Bowe: I just told myself that I have to get serious and focused. When I was working out with Fitzgerald, he told me you have to keep your head down, and just strive and just go, follow me and I'll help you get there. Last offseason I worked out with him, and he was showing me the ways how to do it and I'm just following the ways and it's paying off.

Q: This looks like your most successful season as a Chief.

Bowe: Right now, but it's going to be better later, too.

Q: Is the game becoming easier for you? Is it slowing down for you?

Bowe: It's slowing down a little bit. When you're going against a fast defense the game still picks up from time to time. As long as we're running fast on offense, it's hard to beat us.

Q: Todd Haley worked with Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald credits him a lot. Have you seen that kind of teaching coming from Todd Haley to you?

Bowe: Most definitely. He's hard on me. This is what he told me he had to do to change Fitz's ways to make him an impact player and he's doing the same thing with me. He's telling me to just be me and we're going to keep making plays and we're going to keep coming to you. Fitz doesn't celebrate at all so I'm just following his footsteps.

Q: Is it fun talking to us (the media) again?

Bowe: It's always fun to see you, you know that (laughs). I just had to reinvent myself. That's why I had to step back for a little while.

Q: Is this a weekly thing (talking to the media)?

Bowe: I can't tell you yet. I don't know yet. If we keep winning, you guys will stil be around.

Q: Did that help you, not talking to us?

Bowe: No, I think it's just me. Just knowing as a person what I gotta do. It's not you guys. It's just me. I can get carried away and have fun with you guys but that will set me back. So I'm going to stay humble and do what I do.

Q: What about today made you want to talk?

Bowe: They said I broke some record, I don't know. I'm just going to keep my head down and keep catching the ball.

Q: Most consecutive games as a Chief with a touchdown. Six in a row. [Bowe: Oh really?] Does that mean anything to you?

Bowe: No, not yet. Not until we win it all. When we win it all, I'll look back and say I did that but now I'm just going to keep my head down and keep going.

Q: Do they (the fans) motivate you and help you?

Bowe: The 12th man, it does. When you're screaming loud and hitting on that red thing out there, the offense can't really hear the calls, get the checks, and some guys mess up and that could be the play that cost the game. Shout out to the fans. They did a great job today.

Q: Talk about your open field running this year.

Bowe: Just practicing every day. I always catch the ball and run to the end zone. I always tell myself everytime I touch the ball I want to get into the end zone. In the pregame, I always run to the end zone, get on my knees and say I need to get here today. And it's been paying off.

Q: What do you think the issue has been on the road?

Bowe: I don't know. Hopefully we can change that. We can take the stuff that we did good and apply it to next week and we should come out on top.

Q: How much does it mean to be back in first place?

Bowe: It feels good but we gotta keep our head down. Any given Sunday in this league so we gotta keep our head down.

Q: You talk about reinventing yourself. Reinventing yourself in what ways on the field.

Bowe: Not on the field, just personally. Just taking everything more serious. Every day life, situations.

Q: You keep talk about winning it all. You think this team is positioned to win it all?

Bowe: We can definitely win it all.

Q: Are you gonna win it all?

Bowe: We're gonna win it all.

Q: So you're going to guarantee that?

Bowe: I can't guarantee that but I can tell you we're going to win it all.

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