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Chiefs DE (Or FB) Shaun Smith Wants The Ball

When Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley says he needs everyone, he really means it. On one drive, I saw the Chiefs line up cornerback Javier Arenas at wide receiver (faked the end-around to him). Later in that same drive, linebacker Mike Vrabel lined up as a tight end and defensive end Shaun Smith lined up as a fullback.

Vrabel had one goal line pass in the game thrown towards him -- it was basically a fade route -- and Vrabel laid out but couldn't get it. Smith lined up at fullback for two goal line plays.

"We scored one time," Smith said after the game. "One time we didn't. So, 50-50. We gotta go back to the drawing board and see how it works."

If you didn't know, Smith jokes a lot so he's always fun to talk to. Walking up to him, the first thing I heard was, "I'm only enjoying the crowd because of you big time. I'm with Hollywood right now." The person he was talking to? Len Dawson.

Though he does joke around, he can get down to business when talking about the game including a Chiefs buzzword: complementary football.

"We gave up some runs that we should have," he said. "We need to wrap up more, but other than that, we played a good complementary game. Offensively, defensively and special teams."

We'll see is Smith lines up at fullback more often. He says he hit somebody on one of the two plays and it sounds like he wouldn't mind doing that more.

"Hopefully I talk to Charlie about getting the ball next time," he said smiling. Somehow I think there's some truth to that.

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