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Kansas City Chiefs Lead The Arizona Cardinals 14-3 At Half

The Kansas City Chiefs lead the Arizona Cardinals 14 to 3 at half. The Chiefs stepped up their game, both defensively and offensively, towards the end of the second quarter. 

Despite leading by 11 points, this game is pretty even in the box score. The Chiefs have 174 total yards and the Cardinals have 173 total yards. The Chiefs have 9 first downs and the Cardinals have 8. Both teams are about even in the distribution of passing and rushing yards. 

The Chiefs' two touchdowns have come on a Dwayne Bowe catch and a Thomas Jones goal line smash for a TD. Matt Cassel is 8/13 passing for 115 yards. There have been no turnovers this game. 

So far, so good in my opinion. Matt Cassel is playing very well; the Chiefs' D is starting to clamp down on third downs; and KC's rushing game is starting to pick up. 

How are you feeling so far?

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