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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Greetings From Arrowhead Stadium

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Greetings from Arrowhead Stadium. I'm just settling into my seat in the press box watching a few players warm up on the field. Absolut is our newest sponsor so I hope you (responsibly) enjoy a bloody mary this morning. Judging by the parking lot, there are already a few folks who are taking care of this.

There are a few Chiefs warming up on the field.

I see Dexter McCluster and Tony Moeaki out there throwing the ball around. McCluster has been out the last three weeks with an ankle injury and we'll find out in the next half-hour if he's active today. Moeaki has already been ruled out. He and McCluster both are wearing the same black sweat pants and long-sleeved white shirts. I'm not sure what that means.

The parking lot smelled great on the way in and there's a nice overcast sky on us right now. We may see some sun in the first half but otherwise it should be cloudy most of the day. Wind may be a factor later on it but it's calm now.

You ready for today?


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