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Chiefs vs. Cardinals: Five Questions To Be Answered For KC

The Kansas City Chiefs enter Arizona Cardinals week looking for some answers. The last two weeks have been pretty miserable with losses to the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos so the Chiefs are looking to get back on track at home.

Here are five questions that we need answered.

Is the running game gone forever? The Chiefs used to get 200 yards rushing in one game. They haven't seen that in the last two games combined. The No. 1 goal for this team (by a long shot) is curing the running game. The Chiefs have to find out a way to consistently rush the ball or they won't do much of anything on offense. The Chiefs must show the league that the Broncos and Raiders did not produce a formula to beat them.

How long does Dwayne Bowe's streak last? OK, who saw this coming? Dwayne Bowe is tied for tops in the NFL with nine receiving touchdowns. That's eight touchdowns in the last five games. I'm just curious how long this streak can last. He gets more and more valuable with each touchdown catch.

Are the Chiefs contenders or pretenders? This is a pretty broad question but it's a pretty simple answer. If the Chiefs win, they can be considered contenders at 6-4. If they lose their third in a row then I'm not sure you can take them serious anymore.

Is the pass rush there? The Chiefs pass rush has been pretty spotty all season. Outside of Tamba Hali, there's not a whole lot there. Arizona's offensive line isn't great and they give up a lot of sacks. This is an excellent opportunity for the Chiefs pass rush to gain some momentum on a big day.

Two good ones in a row from Matt Cassel? Chiefs QB Matt Cassel had a lot of yards in garbage time last week against the Denver Broncos. What he needs to do this week is put up another good statistical performance. Good game, after good game, after good game....and so on. Cassel needs to put up consistent performances.

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